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Dr. Laura Luna holds a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. Her passion is to support spiritual evolution and personal transformation using a holistic model for well-being, grounded in an Indigenous Ways of Knowing framework. She integrates her formal training as a Psychologist and various healing modalities such as breathwork, energy medicine, movement, yoga, Reiki, traditional healing such as Curanderismo to bring about balance and optimal physical, emotional and spiritual functioning. She specializes in trauma recovery, womb and women healing, soul loss & recovery, healing in connection with self, family and community. If you are feeling stuck in your way of moving through the world & need support facilitating  movement, contact her for a free consultation today.



The Journey

I achieved my childhood dream of becoming a psychologist in 2014. My desire to help and serve others continued to grow as I nourished and devoted myself into training--what I didn't know, was that I would personally travel the journey to self-healing. I discovered my Indigenous heritage and embraced natural elements as a pathway toward healing my Self and to assisting others to navigate their own healing journeys.



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