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Welcome to Luna y Sol Healing. I am Dr. Luna and I am a holistic practitioner with a deep passion for serving from a whole body centered approach. The mind-body-emotions & spirit are intimately interconnected and all work together to bring about peace and harmony in the self.   In balancing and harmonizing all directions, we can walk in balance in our life journey.

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My Story

My Story

My journey into healing spaces really began as a child when I started reading about what psychologists did. Perhaps a bit cliche' I realize, but I wanted to help people feel better since I was a young child. Growing up in a Mexican household in Southern California, family connection was always important, and so was the need for prayer. Throughout my education, I carried with me this deep sense of love for family, and of seeking a way to give back to my community. As I navigated my education in Psychology, I had to reflect back, and think about how I was influenced by my family who was on one side new im(migrants) into this country, and the other side, who were the first generation of Mexican Americans to be educated in the U.S. during the Chicano Movement. In college, I explored books like "Borderlands" by Gloria Anzaldua that allowed me to witness my own experience as a 2nd class citizen here and so I began pieces of my awakening.  I explored many different classes of course, including my first yoga class in 2003. I took a month long immersion to Mexico with the Spanish Department and enjoyed deeper aspects of my culture, which I had never had the privilege of experiencing. I studied about racism, I took the identity of Mexican/Xicana; I took classes on feminism, my world opened up in many ways. But things really transformed when I was accepted into a PhD program.

I moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico from San Bernardino, California in 2008 to begin my doctorate journey which was a dream come true for me! After many trials and tribulations during my undergraduate and Master's programs, I was so thrilled to be next in line to become a Counseling Psychologist. Well this portion of my education, was only the tip of the iceberg, because what was in store for me in New Mexico, I never could have dreamed of or imagined. 

An entire world of healing opened up to me with the medicine of the New Mexico land. I opened up to healing in such a deep way, that even today, I have yet to contain all the words to describe my journey. I learned about Reiki, Shamanism, Plant Medicines and most importantly, I opened up to the awakening of myself as an Indigenous woman and reclaimed my Indigenous heritage, becoming more consciously aware of what it meant to be a Xicana, and of Chichimecan descent, Native to the Americas. 

After my PhD, I was offered a job at a university where I worked as a Learning Disability/Mental Health Specialist for 4 years. I continued to hone my skills as a therapist until one day in 2018, I was notified I would be laid off. This is when I realized I needed to move forward in my work as a healer, as a helper in the way I had integrated through all my various trainings. Hence, Luna y Sol Healing was born! And soon after that, Luna y Sol Sanctuary (501c3) was also birthed. 

My mission is to create healing spaces, to empower women to fulfill their life mission and soul purpose as the healers and wisdom keepers that they are. During my training, I worked with women who had survived violence; I studied domestic violence, sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, historical & intergenerational trauma and I saw the impact it had on my self, my family and in the community. I realized that we need more healing spaces that are accessible which is why I created the Sanctuary!


My Vision is to see a world where women of all walks of life, have agency over their mind, body, spirit and souls. 

I hope to serve women to empower themselves, to realize their potential, to heal from trauma, to awaken to their conscious evolution and expansion. I am dedicating to offering deep, authentic, integral & heart connected care, rooted in Indigenous wisdom and the wisdom of Mother Earth, Tonantzin. Every healing space is created with intention, gratitude, honoring the sacred directions and the ancestors & wisdom keepers who came before me.

Please connect with me to find out how I can help you meet your mind-body-spirit-soul goals. 


Connect with me for questions, consultations, classes, workshops. I am here to support your lifestyle goals & energetic transformation! 

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