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Dr. Luna

We Heal Ourselves. We Heal the World.

As I engaged my learning to become a Psychologist--I also embraced multiple ways to approach healing. I realized that healing encompassed not only the mind--as psychology emphasizes, not just the body--as western medicine focuses on, but also the spirit--and emotions. All of these elements are interconnected and intertwined and must be addressed when approaching healing, wellness and a balanced-harmonious life. From an Indigenous perspective, these elements coincide with the energies around us, north-south-east-west, and wind, fire, earth and water.

Some of my first clients as a novice therapist in 2009, were women who had experienced sexual assault, domestic violence and hence, trauma. My studies in trauma began during my undergraduate years when I did research on childhood abuse, shame and the negative outcomes associated with that such as depression, anxiety and psychological distress. I learned that shame was an even stronger influencer than the abuse itself. 


Truly, my observations in trauma began even earlier as a child, when I experienced abuse myself. Hence, my belief in the knowing that when we heal ourselves, we heal all that is around us, and the ripple created is reflected beyond our personal microcosm. 

My journey in healing and addressing trauma has taken many turns beyond the scientific methods within the walls of academia, into meditation practices such as Vipassana, Yoga (becoming a 500 HR yoga teacher), Shamanic practices (Munay-Ki), Reiki (energy healing), Indigenous ceremonies, plant medicines, retreats in the jungle in South America, and in this, taking deep dives into my subconscious mind to discover my own true nature and the power to heal myself--and to be present to witness the healing of others. 


I believe that healing must be uniquely tailored and I integrate the many tools and ways of knowing I have collected over the years to create a specific program for each person I work with. It is important that we make connections and find ways to build and rebuild relationships in order to foster resiliency and heal. In this way, I work to empower my students and clients to remember and fine tune their own unique strengths and gifts. 

Luna y Sol Healing, was created to access balance, harmony and wellness from an integrative and holistic model grounded in Indigenous wisdom.


I created Luna y Sol Healing as an organization and also founded a nonprofit in order to find ways to serve people in underserved communities and to foster a knowing that wellness can happen from within--together we can journey on the path to wellness. 

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