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Luna y Sol

Welcome. Bienvenidos. 
Tú Eres Mi Otro Yo.
In La'Kech Hala Ken.
You are my other me.


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We Heal Ourselves. We Heal the World.

in lak'ech hala ken

Dr. Luna was born and raised in Southern California where she currently resides. One of her greatest passions is to serve and witness personal transformation and self-actualization; ultimately supporting the greater good of human & cosmic consciousness. Dr. Luna created Luna y Sol Healing in 2018 when she fully transitioned from academic spaces into healing spaces. In 2008, she began the journey of reclaiming her Indigenous heritage (Chichimeca, Native to the Americas) and through this deep self-discovering and healing journey  and acknowledging of historical and intergenerational trauma, she experienced that connecting to the Earth and Indigenous Ways of Knowing as a gateway to deeply transformative opportunities for healing. Dr. Luna serves to support you and your body, mind & spirit to awaken to its own innate healing abilities to restoration, reconciliation, rebalance, ease of living and joy. Dr. Luna's background in Counseling Psychology (Ph.D. 2014)  integrated with the medicine wheel and natural modes of healing such as sound, vibration, connection to self, others and Earth, yoga (RYT-500) mindful-meditation, energy medicines allows for a beautiful support to people who are seeking a well-balanced life and need the guidance to meet their goals from a natural, holistic and earth based paradigm.