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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Holistic Practitioner? 

There are many ways to approach holistic practice and what it means. Holistic practitioners offer a perspective on healing that takes into account the mind, body, spirit and soul/emotions. My traditional degree in Counseling Psychology was received from an accredited university where I learned how to support people through changing the mind and behaviors, and I studied empirically (research based) validated treatments. My path toward holistic healing started with myself and learning how to heal from intergenerational and historical trauma. As I engaged my own healing process which involved reclaiming my Indigenous heritage, I realized that healing has to take into consideration all Four aspects (Sacred Directions) of the Self; the Internal (mind, body, emotions and spirit) and how the Self relates to the surrounding environment or the External world (the sacred elements, family, community, culture, etc).

What is Holistic Health?

What is a Wellness Consultation?

How long does it take to heal?

What is Reiki?

Reiki translates from Japanese to "universal life force energy." It is a high frequency vibration that is limitless in healing properties and infinite in abundance. Reiki supports wellness at the mind, body, emotional and spiritual dimensions. Reiki is a gift to be shared with others, unconditional love.

What Reiki lineage is Dr. Luna connected with? 

I have had many teachers in my Reiki journey. I honor the Usui System of Healing as a method of instruction and guidance. I have been initiated by Reiki Alliance Practitioner, Vicky Synan and from those who branched off from Reiki Alliance, Barbara Scbazimin, I have taken courses with International Center for Reiki Training, William Rand and his lineage. I have been initiated by Reiki Masters who are my friends and who I care for dearly. In my own journey of understanding Reiki, I see that all of these lineages lead us back to Dr. Usui. Beyond Dr. Usui, is the ultimate source of Reiki and any high frequency healing modality, that is love vibration or unconditional love, source, all Godliness, Light Source, Divine Wisdom. 

What is Holy Fire Reiki?

My Reiki journey led me to be initiated into Holy Fire Reiki. I had been practicing Reiki and teaching for several years and then one day, my Reiki Degree One course, had 20 registered students! I thought wow! How will I initiate all of these students through individual attunements, one by one? I asked Reiki to guide me and I allowed space within myself for Reiki to come through, and it did, it always does! I continued to have classes with 20 students and the energy drew me to Holy Fire Reiki.

Holy Fire is a high frequency energy that is a specific evolution of Reiki connected with William Rand and the International Center for Reiki Training. For me personally, this initiation allowed me the deep understanding that Reiki may be taught in many different ways. Of course, we know this, but experiencing this truth on a much deeper level is transformative. Holy Fire energy has allowed me to initiate more students with greater ease and from a deep place of love. Holy Fire energy comes from highly refined energy space high in the heavens in which the healing properties are very soothing, compassionate and provide feelings of peace and unconditional love. 


What are attunements?

The Usui Reiki tradition, passes Reiki or initiates people into Reiki with attunements. Attunements, are the initiations or Reiji-Ho, blessing, that unlocks and brings in the ability to use Reiki for self and others. While we all have the innate ability, and divine right, to use Reiki, many of us need the initiations in order to connect with that source of healing energy. The attunements are passed from teacher to student, and are done individually. When I was first initiated as a Reiki Master, this is how I initiated students into Reiki. The Master Reiki teacher, invites Reiki consciousness to enter the space, connects physically with the student, connects with the energy field  of the studnet, and then places the necessary knowledge (Reiki symbols, energies) into the student. This is a special gift that is provided as a sacred ceremony.

What are placements?

With Holy Fire Reiki, we now call the attunements, placements. This way of initiating students is guided by Reiki consciousness. The Master Teacher, offers the intiation of Reiki, through a brief guided meditation, which allows for students to have an individual experience with Reiki that does not involve the energy of the Reiki Master Teacher. This way of initiating students into Reiki, is very powerful. Students report very interesting experiences, such as connecting with and seeing their guides, being bathed in light, peacefulness, a love that is unique and special and overall sensations of wellness. 

What if someone wants Reiki from me, and they are sick, will the illness affect me?

Reiki is a light that guides and protects and you will not experience an illness as a result of treating anyone. If we experience any discomfort or pain while giving a treatment, that is potential information that could help you and help your client. This can also happen if we have a weakness in our energy field that is needing attention. The more we practice Reiki, the more we strengthen our energy field so that any discomfort that comes up, is experienced less and less. 

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