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Sandy Beach

Rites to Healing Podcast

Rites to Healing was created as a way to express myself and share my experiences navigating healing spaces, witnessing my own healing and that of others & realizing that we all have a a Rite to Healing and a right to have access to healing modalities that are natural, Indigenous & holistic.  

Checkout my tidbits of love and inspiration to support your spiritual path. 

We are all in this together and it will take all of us to raise the collective consciousness for the greater good of all. 

Ocean of Compassionate Heart Reiki Meditation

Healing for a Loved One

"OM" with the Ocean of Love Meditation

On Creating an Altar

Sisterhood as Sacred Healing for our Soul

Walking into Forgiveness

Connection, Community & Co-creation

Reflections on Death, Dying & Grief

Springing from Trauma: Tribute to Missing, Murdered Indigenous Women

Journey to Self Healing with Courage

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