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Ancestral Womb Healing

Women's health is still a taboo topic. When we talk about our menstrual cycles, there's this tone of shame and silence that seems to permeate. We are the life givers and yet everything about our monthly cycle seems to undertone grossness. My upbringing has been no different. With silence and shame and lack of open dialogue, it's hard to feel comfortable talking about what happens every month when we bleed. As I have entered the stage of perimenopause, I have been pulled to investigate, study, and understand my body even more deeply. I've learned that there are many ancient traditional ways of taking care of our body that support harmony, balance and creation that may not require us to cut our body open and remove our parts. My discoveries have led me to create a class on 'Healing the Ancestral Womb' to empower wombyn to take their (our) bodies back and truly listen to the unique rhythm we carry in our being. We have the power to change our cycles and align ourselves with the cycles of the moon. Although it is common that many of us struggle with pain, discomfort, and imbalance when it comes to our cycles, it is not necessarily 'normal' and there are things we can do to begin to shift and align with our unique rhythm. Classes begin on July 11th. Connect with me to learn more. #womenshealth #wombhealth #wombhealing #womenempowerment #munayki #energyhealing #sacredritual #13thrite #riteofthewomb #traditionalmedicine #breathwork

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