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Anger, Covid-19 & Grief

Ever feel angry when things or situations feel out of our control? How do we address challenges that are completely out of our control or that feel out of control? So many situations have just gone haywire since the pandemic changed our lives. Some of us can go to work--but risk being exposed to Covid-19 every day; some of us have had to stay home or worst been laid off. Some of us have struggled with tackling home schooling or distance learning and distance working simultaneously--many of us have lost many loved ones and friends to illness, and have suffered not even being able to properly say goodbye. How can we even grieve properly? How do we make meaning from all this loss and change?

When Covid-19 entered my home at the end of 2020, I thought I would lose it. Yup, I sure did! Even with all my self-help and healing strategies, I had my moment of chaos and overwhelming anger, frustration and stress. How would I keep my family safe with Covid-19 positive stepchildren in my home? I put all my skills to work, and tackled the big C.

I can't say it was all perfect and I had my moments of meltdown--especially anger--because I felt I had no control over the situation. Then I realized, that there were many things I could do. I could acknowledge my anger and frustration, I could make healing teas and soups and keep our immunity up--I could take a walk outside, take hot showers and hot herbal baths. I could keep up with Vitamins D, Magnesium, C and Zinc and help my body stay strong.

Keeping my body calm was a big effort--but--it is important to recognize what stress does to us, how we react to stress, to catch ourselves and find ways to bring ourselves back. Keeping my thoughts calm--also a big effort--it is only natural to feel angry or sad or frustrated when things feel out of our control. We are going through a big lesson as humans. But we must also realize that we can only control ourselves and our reactions and responses. We really--for the most part, can do little to control the external environment, even when we think we can or want to try. In the end, we must employ forgiveness for our own shortcomings and know we are doing the best we can.

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