Bringing it All Together

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

It has been a while since I wrote anything on this blog but it's been a busy Winter. I had last been working on a post about my Fall Reiki Master Course and now time has flown into my Spring Master Course. I have some openings available in Desert Hot Springs for this class! Check it out!

So many things have transpired...after my yoga training in Perú, it took some time to integrate and I have been through a whirlwind of transitions. I was laid off and had to relocate, I left after teaching at the university for one year, I am about to relocate again, and I am stepping into a role as a step parent. Yes, a whirlwind...and yes, I practiced Reiki to ease all these transitions.

I know I have focused a lot on Reiki in this blog, but I have realized that it is more deeply authentic for me to offer my services as a holistic practitioner who embodies Reiki as part of my practice to support healing for people, animals and the planet. My mission is to help empower people, and especially women, to tap into their own healing abilities, to believe and feel in their own divine nature; to bring balance and harmony to our lives by calling forth the sacred. Reiki is just one of the beautiful ways that we can do this and I love sharing it. I will soon be offering Munay-Ki initiations, a Shamanic Healing Tradition that traveled to us from the Andes of Perú.

As I bring my modalities together, I am challenged to deepen my own healing and my relationship to myself. I am excited to be sharing more opportunities to learn and experience healing with ourselves and others!

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