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Charlie the Cat Queen Reiki Master

It was a cold, stormy day, and I almost didn't make it to San Pedro from Hemet to upgrade one of my best Reiki Student/Teachers with another Reiki placement. You know who you are...

It was literally hailing before I left my home and I thought, 'wow! today is not a great day to travel.' I lit my incense (I used copal this day) and I prayed for the storm to give me space to make my way.

It wasn't the first time a major storm occurred right before a Master Reiki class. It's like the interferences line up to create obstacles when we know something really magical is about to happen. The wind, the rain, the hail, bring opportunities to release old hang ups and the water helps us clear it all away, the energy of renewal! A beautiful gift for rebirth and preparation for the next level in the healing journey! So I kept on! The hail stopped, the rain stopped, as I made my way through the million and one LA freeways I needed to take to make it. That one, in LA, is always an expected obstacle. I've learned that sending Reiki to my journey, really does help.

We created sacred space, clearing the space, set up our altar, cleared each other and we were ready to start! Much to my surprise, Charlie kitty was in a great mood and open to receiving her Reiki Master upgrade! She had already been attuned to level one and two! She sat curled up on her favorite section of the couch, behind her cat momma; motionless, as cats are so efficient at doing... and she received her Master attunement. What an honor for me! Cats are especially tricky! Not even Cedro dog is attuned to Master level yet!!

Animals are the best Reiki practitioners and Reiki Masters! Thank you Charlie Kitty for being initiated as my first Reiki Master Cat!! I've heard Charlie gives treatments whenever she feels like it... rainy days seem to be her favorite days to give treatments! On a day like today...

My next dream is to attune horses to Reiki! Have a horse community?? I'd love to attune horses!! Let me know!!

These are her early days as a curious mystical kitty. Early preparations for her Masterhood! Exploring herbs, crystals and magical fish bowls!

Photos Courtesy of Brenda Marquez & Corazón Sanctuary

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