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Ego Healing with Holy Fire

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

We talk a lot about egos in our society. We talk about how our egos get in the way and cause unnecessary challenges with ourselves and challenging interactions with others. We talk about how we need to get rid of our ego and let it go. I know I have experienced my ego getting in the way of my life at times even serious conflicts with others. Since I received the first Holy Fire ignition in August last year, and especially after the third and most recent in February, I really noticed a difference in my interpersonal interactions with people. In our Holy Fire course with William Rand, we shared about how we are able to heal our egos through Holy Fire energy, the refined energy that is coming from above the third heaven. We don't have to work so hard to abolish our egos, rather actually heal our ego, the unhealthy, dormant aspects of our ego that bring us to experience life in a way that is out of control or harmful.


Since Holy Fire started working with me, I started to notice that I don't have the same reactions to people and their/my ego anymore. I can see the ego for what it is, have compassion, and choose to respond differently, choose to understand where the person is coming from rather than reacting frantically because I believe what they are doing is wrong or not correct. I feel a sense of ease and am able to let go of attachments or expectations I may have with more ease. In my life, I feel I am better able to articulate when something does not feel "right" to me, rather than get overwhelmed by emotions and shut down, I can feel what I feel and articulate it to make changes. It is a very pleasant experience to heal my ego and to continue to shed away patterns that do not serve me. It is a process at times, but I noticed the change suddenly. I started to consider how I felt with people who have a strong ego and I felt neutral--no reaction. It is wonderful to have this ease in my life and I pray Holy Fire continues to provide healing and insight to reflect the best version of me that is possible. Always grateful for the Reiki energies that are and have been so deeply healing in my life.

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