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Getting out of Winter Blues

I tend to get super lazy and even depressed during the Winter. This one has been especially tumultuous as I seek off to travel putting down prayers for land and healing spaces and onto the unknown. I relish in it but still, I struggle with the changes. Now that Spring has arrived and the days are getting longer, I am feeling cold with the rains that keep moving through Southern California.

The best recipe for getting out of Winter Blues and warming up--is to get moving and get to breathing!

What motivates you to get moving and act on something that you know is good for you? Lately, I find that motivation comes from devoting myself to others--yes--others--to something greater than me. Last year--I pushed myself with 108 days of sun salutations which really kicked me into gear in a new way--teaching me when and how to back off and deeply listening to my body when it is letting me know I've reached my limit and even surpassed it.

The last few weeks, I've been motivated by my nonprofit work--and co-teaching a course, Food is Medicine: Living Workshop. Pushing me to step even further into my food is medicine journey--I am called to action with breathwork, meditation, yoga and a deeper desire to be well physically, mentally and emotionally--spiritually.

If you are feeling like you need a reset and want to get out of lingering Winter Blues--wake up with me for 30 minutes of intentional movement at 6:30am for the next 9 days.

This yoga challenge is devoted to people with mental health challenges--suffering from depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress--trauma. This morning Yoga Rise Routine is open and accepting donations to Luna y Sol Sanctuary (501c3) nonprofit. All are welcome--to join me--all levels of yoga practice.

Donations can be received at PayPal: OR on the website:

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