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Grieving in the New Year 2021

As humans, we faced incredible challenges in 2020. Grief can take us by surprise, and before we know it, we are in a shadow of darkness that seems to be unending. There's no real remedy for grief. We have to go through it, and allow for time to do it's thing. Some wounds, remain open, even with the passage of time. It is helpful though, to find ways to make meaning from the losses we experience, to acknowledge our pain and ultimately to accept the situation or loss or find some type of resolve to help us move forward.

After all, life IS about experiencing joy. It is through moments and experiences of loss and pain, that we can truly appreciate the beauty that life has to offer. It may be helpful to call on support from family or community or a therapist who can support you through it.

Getting familiar with the stages of grief may be helpful--Anger, Denial, Depression, Bargaining and Acceptance. The order is not important so much as the feelings and emotions we go through. We can cycle around and around in grief. Allow yourself to be in it, but come up for air with some expressions of gratitude for the simplest things.

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