Heart Healing with Holy Fire III

I didn't realize that my heart was still broken... I asked how? I was shown that this heartbreak is of ages old and it is now time for me to grow deeper in love for myself and others. I often think about the layers of healing that we must experience to move into higher vibrations of love. It has been this way for me. When I thought I had already healed something, I was already over it, it has been long gone in the past, I am shown another aspect of my Self that is in need of more healing. I have been working with this Holy Fire energy since my trip to Maui last August and I find the healing very gentle, soothing and infinite in divine love and wisdom. This week, I received another upgrade now to Holy Fire 3. I found it even softer than before, more powerful than before, smoother, more refined. It is allowing me to access a deeper level of compassion for myself and to acknowledge suffering I have endured across time and space; not from a place of being victimized, rather with love and compassion at the suffering of my human experience. I know that in turn, this will allow me to have even more compassion for others. I am practicing forgiveness for my own shortcomings as a human and I feel my heart more fully. With Reiki, the healing continues to unfold even after a treatment, a placement or ignition. I love Reiki because of the infinite possibilities for self healing and the beauty of empowerment--knowing I can heal myself by flowing with Reiki and allowing Reiki to flow with me. I chant and pray these words with my heart and mouth: May you be Happy, May You Live with Ease, May you Live with Joy in your Heart. May I be Happy, May I live with Ease, May I live with Joy in my Heart. Holding gratitude for all the healing ways that have come into my life. Thank you to All the beautiful plants, all the beautiful ceremonies, all the beautiful opportunities with Reiki, Meditation, Yoga that is my Life. With each I learn more about myself, how to be a better human and how to better be in service of humanity and all the beings on the planet and cosmos beyond. May the storms and rain be gentle on our mind, body and spirits. Namaste.

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