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Karuna = Compassion

Updated: Mar 30

From my Lessons of the heart.

We deepen our capacity to love with the

act of compassion. We are able to finally forgive and release ourselves from the chains of pain. When we breathe in and breathe out, can we feel the beat of our heart? What does it say? Can you feel the expansion of your heart on each breath? There are times when I have not been able to. There are times in my life when it has hurt so deeply to breathe, much more feel my heart. Because feeling my heart would be too much to bear. Carrying the pain of the world in my heart. Carrying the pain of my ancestors, of my own past and story-creations, it would hurt too much to feel. There are so many layers to our healing and restoring our hearts to whole

ness again. There are many paths to arrive here. I found one path through Reiki.

Reiki has been such a powerful anchor that pulls me, softly and gent

ly toward deeper levels of healing. During an initiation, I felt this very unique kind of love, this love that filled my heart and sealed the wounds in my broken heart. A broken heart I didn't even realize I had. I thought I had healed it. Yet, here I was, going deeper into my subconscious and unconscious mind to heal old soul wounds imprinted on my heart. It was like a surgery--a psychic one, where the only side effects were an expansion of love in my heart, and forgiveness of myself. This happened so easily one day during a short Reiki meditation. I am continually amazed by the gifts Reiki gives me because it happens in the. most unexpected ways.

Whenever I find difficulty in trusting where life is taking me, I anchor with Reiki--and with my breath of course... but Reiki helps me breathe with more ease as I heal my heart in ways unimaginable. May your spirit guide you toward the beacons of light that bring you expansion of love and forgiveness.

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