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Light in Teaching Reiki

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

I started this blog just a couple of days after the Master Class. More than a week later and the impact is still settling into my spirit, body and mind. Reiki continues to guide me and center me around making healthy choices for myself and listening to my body, taking positive actions for myself.

Teaching Reiki helps keep me accountable. Some times we need a little external motivation to keep us on our path, and teaching Reiki has been that for me. I am continuously amazed to see the transformation and light that shines out after my classes, for myself and for my students. This is where my passion sparks and my light shines brighter.

I believe that the vision is to continue to anchor light on the planet. As we each connect with our divine source and awaken to our own Divine Nature we raise the vibration of the Earth--and we feel better, live with more ease and harmony. By teaching Reiki, we hold the space for others to connect with their Inner Wisdom, allowing that inner flame to shine out.

Thank you to all the students who have trusted me over the last 5 years. May your light and spark continue to shine out, whether you engage in self practice only, practice with others or consider teaching--may you always be guided by divine light and wisdom.

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