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New Moon Reflections with Munay-Ki

The New Moon is the dark space of Creation. Bringing forward the medicine energy of the heart, the vibration of love, the Sacred Medicine from the Andes, I realized that the initiations I received over 10 years ago, were only the beginning of the journey inside my self. Diving into the energy of the New Moon--I created space within myself, to expand my heart consciousness. Even when we are uncertain of the outcome, we must take the leap of faith into the unknown. It is in this space that we expand our experiences and create new learning opportunities for growth. Holding spaces for wombyn, is near and dear to my heart; making space for healing our wombs and connecting more deeply with our own Creations.

I enjoyed deeply the space that was held since August 2020 for ceremony, even if it was, on Zoom; for setting our intentions, for putting positive energy into the universe, for feeding our seeds of creation with the element of fire, and giving gratitude for the Sacred Water by thanking her, acknowledging her and asking forgiveness for our shortcomings as humans. We need to hold more spaces like this for each other, to connect as wombyn and master Creators. We are infinitely connected with the Grand Mother, Earth. This year, I embark on the journey of initiating others into Munay-Ki, to step forward and getting closer to becoming the Masters of our Lives.

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