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Reiki after my 300 HR Yoga Training

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

It has been a couple of months since my yoga immersion and I finally feel grounded in my space again. It has been a whirlwind of attempting integration of all I learned about Yoga, Ayurveda, Andean Medicine while focusing on expanding my Reiki practice. I continue to notice that my practice of gratitude is what truly expands my Reiki. As I hold gratitude in my heart space, I am able to trust the process and allow the energy to guide and expand me. This week, I offered mini Reiki sessions to 12 people at Palm Desert Healing Arts Center in order to expand my practice, get to know a community and allow them to experience Reiki. I offered these sessions for free.

It was really important for me to be grounded in trust of the healing abilities of Reiki and hold that energy of gratitude. It was my first time offering so many sessions for free and I know that the energy is expanding consciousness and raising my vibration.

Many people ask me how I stay clear doing so much energy work?

My answer is, that I trust in the healing power of Reiki and that Reiki is Divine Light and always protects me and keeps me clear. Additionally, the sacred symbols I was gifted through Reiki, help me clear the energy and keep me grounded. I also give myself Reiki treatments every day which is so important when doing energy work with any number of people. It has been especially pivotal this week. I am also super thrilled to be teaching my 3rd Master class this weekend and I am using the Karuna Reiki symbols to help me prepare for my class. I am looking forward to it and will write about how it goes. Love and Light. Ana

In Perú, receiving my 300 HR Yoga Training Certificate from School of Yoga Institute.

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