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Riding the Waves of Creation! 2 +0 +2+3=7

2 + 0 +2+ 3 = 7

I love the number 7! It's been a familiar number to me and I really resonate with its creative vibrations. Interestingly, my mother was born on the 7th, I was born on the 14th and my sister on the 21st (different months of course). All multiples of 7 and so we have always talked about the unique energies of these numbers throughout my life and found it interesting! The Seven carries the energy of opportunity and luck! I've never been much into luck but I do feel a special magical energy with this number and so I am drawn to talk about it. I think this 7 this year, is all about opportunity and creating

the opportunities that we need to achieve whatever goals and intentions we have been working on. Humanity is in the thick of their/our awakening and we can look to this year with hope for good things to come.

Open up to the opportunities that are around you and if you don't see them yet, go to gratitude! If you are not quite feeling hopeful or open to opportunity yet, then one of the simplest practices that I continuously recommend is to come to gratitude. Finding things to be grateful for will lift your vibration so that you can align yourself to the vibration of the opportunities you are seeking.

Once we get to a higher frequency, through gratitude for example, we can start to shift our energy and doorways open up, opportunities, luck as they say, comes to greet you! But don't leave it up to chance! Set intentions, express your gratitudes and go further! One of the things I have noticed with trauma and the intricacies of its manifestation, is having difficulty forgiving those who have harmed us, or those we have perceived harmed us. We can move to offer forgiveness in order to transform energy into something greater, something better, something potentially more positive and optimistic than where we were when trapped in pain, stagnation, depression, bitterness, anger, sadness. If you are still holding onto pain in this way, try writing a letter to anyone who has harmed you, expres

sing yourself, and then letting it go in a ritual of ripping the paper, burning it and releasing the pain with it.

Let yourself grow this year and allow yourself to be carried with the energies of 7 to really unlock patterns and enter new access points for your spiritual journey. May this year bring you much joy, abundance, and love as well as opportunities to grow in gratitude & forgiveness so that you may reach higher potentials of self actualization!

If you are needing more help with releasing sadness, anger, or trauma, please reach out to me for further support or connect with someone who can help you move through with compassion.

#gratitude #forgiveness #compassion #mentalhealth #trauma #indigenous #postraumaticstress #depression #newyear2023

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