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Stress and Trauma Connection

When we have been stressed out for so long, we may not even notice how it's affecting us anymore. Perhaps, we realize that every situation that doesn't go the way we expected, becomes a disastrous over reaction of intense emotions and hyperarousal. Perhaps we end up screaming, crying, shutting down, getting overwhelmed? Meltdown anyone?

My interest in stress and trauma continues to deepen because I see the impact of it and I see how difficult it is to get out of it. Talk therapy tends to not be enough--which is why I was so interested in holistic and Indigenous healing modalities--I could see and feel the difference within myself in addressing stress and trauma in my own body.

We do have to learn how to calm ourselves down, but when we are in chronic stress and in a situation that is continually triggering us, our nervous system takes over--either fight/flight or freeze.

The simplest thing we may be able to do, is notice our breath, tune into the belly, and breathe. Perhaps place hand over the belly and heart, and tune into ourselves to breathe.

Perhaps, we can take a walk and notice any nature around us, a flower? a Tree? a Bird? The song of the birds? Draw your eyes back and forth, right to left, left to right, slowly... very slowly as you help your brain engage both right and left sides of the brain... moving our arms and legs back and forth--as in walking, naturally allows both sides of the brain to be engaged--bring the eyes into this... Trauma and Stress hurts. Be gentle with yourself.

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