Trusting Reiki

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Last week I taught another beautiful Reiki I class at Cerritos College. As I was driving there from Hemet, CA in the rain, I wondered why the universe has me driving across Southern California to teach both Reiki and psychology courses. I meditated on the precepts on my way there, (Just for Today, be Peaceful, Just for Today, Do not Anger...) and instead of being upset when cars would speed past me on the freeway, in rain and stormy weather, I called on the Reiki symbols to support my path in harmony and love. I noticed how each time I called on the symbols while focusing on the precepts, I felt the stress just slip away from me. I used the distance symbol to warp time and space on my way there, and it works. I arrived more quickly, and with more ease, at least it felt like it to me! I still don't know why I am traveling so much but I know that when I trust Reiki and when I trust the universe, somehow, everything aligns for a greater divine purpose and all is well, truly. In that way, I am trusting that I can continue to offer Reiki courses that are accessible to my students while receiving financial security and abundance of all I need and more. My intention is for people who want to learn and experience Reiki, to have the opportunity to do so in a way that is harmonious, respectful and honors the ancestry of Reiki medicine in a good way.

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