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What have you learned about yourself thru this crisis?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

The world is completely different than it was one year ago. None of us could have imagined such a rapid change and disruption to our usual way of living. When I was laid off 2 years ago, I thought, what am I going to do? How will I pay my bills? Will I find another job? I had many questions and worries. Then Covid-19 slammed the world! I thought, okay, now, it is a clear sign to me, to dig deeper and pull all the strategies and resources I have to push through. I did— all the things I could to stay healthy. Now 6 months later, we are all adapting to a life where we work from home and kids go to school online, we shop online, we are in front of the computer all day long. A different form of stress is before us.

How is your body responding? Check in with your body every now and then, take a breath and notice how your body feels. I know for me, when I stare at a computer and sit all day long I start to feel irritable, agitated and uncomfortable. This weekend is a holiday, can you make space for a little more movement? Can you make space for a walk in nature??

What are the ways you have been taking care of yourself thru this time? What have you learned about yourself?

#selfcare #naturecare #stressduringcovid #selflearning

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