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What is Reiki?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

I first came across this name in 2010 and when I heard it, I knew I had to know more about it. Reiki, translates from Japanese into "universal life force energy." Yet truly, Reiki, is so much more than this translation can fully describe. I have come to know it as this magnificent essence of life force energy that brightens and shines the body into wellness, harmony and balance. It brings the mind and body into alignment and allows the body-mind-spirit to be in unison allowing the being to relax, restoring organ function into optimal wellness. I like to give myself Reiki every night before bed or as I am falling asleep. I experience a flood of warm, soothing energy that brings me peace and calm. Reiki is unconditional love, light beams, divine energy, God energy, infinite, abundant and unlimited life force energy. Reiki has its own divine wisdom and intelligence that guides and heals where it is needed in the mind-body-spirit. It is safe and may be used for all (plants, animals, humans, and beyond).

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