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Yoga in the Sacred Valley of Perú

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

I took a big leap of faith and embarked on a 25 day 300 hour Yoga training immersion in Peru. I am now a 500 hour certified yoga teacher and I am so grateful to have experienced yoga practice in such a magical place. I know that I am a life long learner and spiritual seeker and often challenge myself to explore deep aspects of myself. Each time I do, I shine a little brighter after being buffed and scraped to a shiny human (im)perfection. While I can go deeply within myself in silent retreats and individual isolated spiritual experiences, I often struggle to express myself and interact with others in large group settings, especially as a student. So these are my biggest lessons. It's so easy for me to be silent and hold space for others. But when I am asked to share parts of myself with others in a close tight-knit space, becoming vulnerable and open; I had to be willing to bend. In this way I break old patterns and I learn to relate to my body, my breath and with humans in a new healthier way. Some of my biggest lessons this time, are to learn to trust in my intuition fully, to speak and share and be who I am without feeling the need to hold back parts of myself. I also realized that my work is to expand myself and others. I have many more gifts to offer the world and it is not the time to hold them back. While I started this blog and my website with Reiki, it is part of my journey to expand and continue to share energy medicine and healing with others in all the ways that I have been trained in as well as in the ways that are so intuitive to me and part of my lineage as a Curandera. Language is so limiting and it's so difficult to put into words the magic that happens when I sit in a healing session with another human or animal. I can't always explain what happens; I feel the energy with my hands and I move it so that the light and energy flows more fluidly in the being. I trust and call on divine beings to assist me as I am merely a conduit for the magical flow of universal energy that surrounds us. I witness a release and ease and the being feels better, whether it is mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually--or combination of all the aspects. I am grateful for my journey and grateful for the spark and fire I have to continue growing as a light carrier on this Earth plane. Namasté to each and every one of you. Love you.

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