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Reiki Principles
The secret art of inviting happiness. 
Just for Today.
Do not Worry or Anger.
Be Kind & Compassionate.
Hold Gratitude in Your Heart.
Practice this Daily.
Dr. Mikao Usui

Sing these words with your Heart. Chant them with your Mouth. Live them in Every Day Action.

Reiki as a Journey to Self Discovery & Healing

Reiki translates from Japanese as 'universal life force energy.' Reiki came into my life in 2010 and since then, I have evolved with Reiki and Reiki has evolved with me. My relationship with this energy continues to grow and I receive deeply healing experiences in my practice and teaching of Reiki. 

While this bio-energetic field is difficult to describe, I can feel it in my life every day. My awareness of this subtle energy expands the more I use it and tune in to its healing powers. Excitingly, science is now beginning to discover the powerfully healing benefits of energy healing practices, including Reiki.

As you will discover, embarking on the journey of becoming a Reiki Practitioner will undoubtedly transform your life, bring you vitality, joyfulness, and a beautiful sense of peace. Just in practicing the Reiki principles, you will learn to be more present which will bring more peace and calm. Reiki enhances our ability to do this, and helps us release unhealthy patterns that block us from achieving balance and wellness.

The energy itself is very soothing, loving and protective. Many people experience deep levels of relaxation. Deep relaxation allows for engagement of the parasympathetic nervous system in which healing is activated and experienced. The body, immune system, endocrine system and brain, will awaken to their natural healing abilities and in time, you will be able to experience optimal functioning both internally and externally. As the body is supported with Reiki, stress is significantly reduced, sleep quality is improved, and confidence is inspired. 

The gift of Reiki will empower your life and will support your will to serve humanity, the Earth and all the beings on the planet. 

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