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The Unity Paradigm

"If you want to find the secrets to the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." Nikola Tesla

What is your gift? What is your soul purposed path? Are you in tune with your own unique essence and value?


Everything carries a vibration, a frequency, a sensation, an energy; its own unique essence. You are whole and meant to live fully embodied.

What is your body communicating to you at this time? Are you the Master of your Emotions and Will? Are you directing your consciousness in the direction of your choosing? Do you feel free of pain, fear, anguish, and distress? Do you feel happy? Free? Liberated? Do your emotions dictate or direct your behaviors in your life?

Luna y Sol Healing offers opportunities to raise the frequency of your vibration, your energy or bio-energetic field so that you can live your best life. When we are vibrating at a high frequency, it  is easier to relate with our environment with mastery, with joy and love, to do what we love and live how we imagine.


Luna y Sol Healing offers energetic activations that help empower your ability to master your emotions, to release pain, energetic blockages, stuck emotions, and fear from your life, accessing deep levels of healing that promote harmony, balance and love.

We offer group classes in Reiki 'universal life consciousness' & SACRED Geometry (5th Dimensional energy courses using sacred geometry and crystal technology empowerment tools.


Private Consultations

Home Blessings Clearings

Business Blessings/Clearings

Reiki Classes

  • Reiki Level One

  • Reiki Level Two

  • Reiki Master

  • Karuna Reiki Master

  • Compassionate Heart Reiki

  • Reiki with Animals

SACRED Geometry Classes/Worshops (Intentional Healing Systems)

  • Aligning with your Soul Purpose

  • Empowered Manifestation

  • Clearing your Energy Field

  • Maintaining Emotional Sovereignty

  • Upshifting your Body Function

  • Managing Empathic Function

  • Enhancing your Intuition

  • Trusting your Intuition

  • Telepathic Communication

  • Conveying Inner Truth

  • Administering Self Healing

  • Living in Freedom

  • Master your Subconscious

  • SACRED Light Activation

  • Master Classes


We offer private individual and couple yoga classes, & meditations. Please email me for private booking. Please check the schedule or inquire about donation based group classes online.

We offer classes and workshops in Munay-Ki energy system such as ancestral womb healing and Rites of the Seer's Path, fire ceremonies (New Moon, Full Moon or times of transition such as death, loss or birth).

We take this journey together through energy medicine and various modalities such as Reiki, SACRED geometry, sound, crystal technology, ceremony and journeying, tapping, bi-directional movement, or breath and movement (yoga). 

Check out my blog for some topics on energy medicine, stress and trauma and grief.


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