YOGA is the coming together of body and mind, a union between Self and the divine consciousness. When we are able to unite these seemingly separate aspects of our Self, we discover our true nature, who we really are, beyond our physical being, we are much more.

In 2002 when I was still in my undergraduate, I first came to meet YOGA. In my 20's I had a very active physical lifestyle, and my yoga practice reflected this in my life. I sought out the hot yoga classes, power yoga, intense hatha and kundalini practices that fostered strength in my physical body while also supporting mental focus and calmness. At this time, I had already been in 3 car accidents and I was in pain every day. YOGA alleviated pain, strengthened my back and torso to a level that I could manage my pain. Still, I went in and out of my practice over the years, until I came to realize that YOGA had to be part of my every day life.

As I deepened my study of trauma in my doctoral training, and as I began counseling women who had experienced trauma as a result of domestic violence and sexual assault or child abuse, I learned how beneficial the practice of yoga, meditation and breathwork is for healing the body and mind and to alleviate the trauma response.

Trauma in particular, is difficult to treat in traditional talk therapy. Research conducted by Bessel Van Der Kolk suggests that 8 weeks of daily yoga practice can significantly reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder when compared with cognitive behavioral therapy and medications. This has further intrigued me and driven me to take my YOGA practice to a higher level.


In 2018, I completed a 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training with Breathe 4 Change in Santa Monica, CA and in Summer 2019, I flew to Perú to complete my 300 HR Yoga Teacher Training with School of Yoga Institute. 

Now, I relish in softer, gentler approaches to YOGA but I also enjoy the more physical practices. I am really loving a yin practice, which allows for increased stillness, and subtte yet intense stretching of the fascia tissue.

My approach to Yoga in Wellness is to devise a unique individual practice that fits your life and your unique Body. 

Our movement has to be grounded in the Breath. If we are stressing our Breathing, we may not experience the full benefits that yoga has to offer. If we are pushing our body beyond our edge of comfort, this may be a recipe for injury.


Yoga is an ancient practice that has evolved over time. Together, we will create a practice that meets your unique needs.

Check out my blog for some topics on YOGA.


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